Regular oil changes are key to keeping vehicles running in peak condition for as long as possible. Oil serves to lubricate a vehicle's engine while keeping the components within cool. Oil changes also improve gas mileage and remove engine wear particles and sludge which accumulate and can clog an engine. 

It is recommended that a driver have a vehicle's oil changed every 3,000-7,000 miles, depending on driving style and conditions. There are a number of specific factors to consider when deciding how often a particular vehicle's oil needs to be changed. For example, a vehicle's oil may need to be changed more frequently if:

  • Driving style includes rapid acceleration and deceleration
  • The vehicle is used for towing purposes
  • The vehicle is operated on dusty roads for long distances
  • Vehicle is consistently exposed to extreme heat

If you observe that a vehicle's oil has turned black, the Check Engine or Check Oil light appears on the dash, or the engine becomes noisy or jumpy, it may also be time for an oil change. If the oil is not changed often enough, low oil levels may occur, leading to issues which can be very damaging to the engine. Without proper lubrication, the metal on metal workings of the engine lead to friction and extreme heat. This in turn can lead to mechanisms within the engine overheating and welding themselves together over time, causing the engine to seize up. 

Jerry's Hyundai in Weatherford wants drivers to be safe on the road and for their vehicle to be in the best condition possible. Come by our location in Weatherford, TX and let our trained professionals provide your vehicle with quality car care including oil changes. Our technicians also provide a variety of other services for every type of vehicle need. Schedule your next service appointment with us today or check out our service specials page for a great price on a number of our other car care options.


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